Why Is Monal The Center Of Attraction In Islamabad?

Do you wonder why is Monal the center of attraction in Islamabad? Well lets find out today why and some other interesting facts about the famous Monal Restaurant. Islamabad is located at 33.43°N 73.04°E at the northern edge of the Pothohar Plateau and at the foot of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad Capital Territory. Luqman Ali Afzal, the owner of Islamabad and Lahore Monal Restaurant, became the first Pakistani to be awarded a Pride of Performance award for ‘entrepreneurship’. The real name of Monal is Pir Sohawa which is equipped with the latest facilities, but offers a climate cultivated by heritage. When it comes to the world’s top restaurants with amazing views, Monal surely ranks high on the list.

Eye-catching moments

Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. Sunset at The Monal offers some of nature’s most glorious moments making it the center of attraction in Islamabad. Monal is more of a heartthrob on a rainy day and/or after sunset when the city lights twinkle like stars on the foot on The Monal.

It’s time to Shop


For your loved ones Monal is a place where you will have an opportunity to shop for souvenirs and traditional jewelry and handicrafts.

Mesmerizing moments


Sun shines down on the hills and the beautiful sunset gives you a moment to connect with the nature. Whether you prefer the romance of a moonlit drive or feel the cool breezes touching your skin this experience will remain unforgettable.

Where you can Hike


You can also hike from Islamabad to Monal. There are two tracks that go from Margalla Road, Islamabad all the way to Monal. It takes 2 to 4 hours depending on your fitness level to get to Monal by a hike.

This is the restaurant every Islamabadi has visited at least once, you should also check some amazing theme restaurants in Islamabad.