Top 10 Countries With The Most Freelancers 2020

Are you interested in knowing Top 10 Countries With The Most Freelancers 2020? Do you need to find a free lancer to get your work done? Do you want to work as a free lancer?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this article is for you. Free lancing has opened up many ways for those who want to work from home and have flexible work hours of their choice. The amount of work they do wholly depends on their will to take a project. Freelancing boosts the economy and reduces unemployment. Freelancers unlike employees work part time and earn money. They work not under any boss but they control their job themselves.

Freelancers can work anywhere at any time and the hiring bodies only have to find the people with the matching skill sets and expertise. It is wise to look for freelancers in the countries which are famous for particular freelancing skills. For example India is the world’s biggest software solution exporters and freelancers. Likewise USA is known for their translation and content writing skills.

We have gathered data on the top ten countries with the most freelancers. This ranking is based on top ranking categories of work in freelancing world. This ranking is also based on a report published by the OII.  These categories are:

  • Software solutions
  • Creative writing and multimedia
  • Data entry and virtual clerical jobs
  • Marketing
  • Professional advisory/services

The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) has published a report on which freelancers live where.


India tops our list of top 10 countries with most freelancers 2020. It is a country whose freelancing makes $400 billion of their gross domestic product (GDP). It is the biggest amount a software industry is making. No wonder all multinational companies in USA, Canada and other countries are run by Indians. Even CEO Google is an Indian that is a clear indicator of how expert they are technologically. This country produces the best software engineers. 24 percent of all freelancers are Indians. They are quite excellent in providing software solutions. The competition among freelancers is India is so high it is sometimes hard to get an online job.

Also, freelancing in India has greatly benefiting women and the retired professional who need a source of income. The Indian youth is flourishing on freelancing economy. The freelancing is considered a part time job but people are earning such handsome money they are taking it as their full time job. The software industry specially is the backbone of Indian freelancers. Furthermore, 55 percent of Indian freelancers are software developers and software solutions providers.


This newly developing country constitutes of the 16 percent of the total freelancers force. Bangladeshi freelancers are sometimes accused of doing the work for cheap prices and that is why they get a lot of projects. This is a separate debate but Bangladesh is producing good freelancing work in marketing, multimedia, software development and technology. Freelancing in Bangladesh has opened up new economic paths for average Bangladeshis earning $16 per month. Freelancing has made the youth productive and economically independent.

Bangladesh is also producing the best online labor for content writing, multimedia projects, data entry, and clerical jobs. Proudly a housewife named Parvin learned coding online and got her first job after getting registered on ODesk. She has done more than 100 projects and has been awarded the title of best woman freelancer of Bangladesh. Surprisingly people of Bangladesh are earning way more than any conventional job that is why their huge population is selling their talent online and cashing it.

 United States

The unique aspect for American freelancers is that many choose to moonlight outside of their 9-to-5 jobs. Not all rely on freelancing as their primary source of income. In the US, the freelance market is split fairly evenly among software development and technology, creative and multimedia, and writing and translation.  A report says that majority of US workforce will be freelancers by 2027. The freelancers in US dropped in 2018 by a small number but it is predicted that a huge number will shift the global freelancing community very soon.


Altogether Pakistani freelancers made a $1 billion this year and shocking the youth themselves. A lot of focus in Pakistan is given to computer science in very good universities and the competition is quite high. Many software engineers and computer science students take freelancing as their full time jobs if not part time jobs. Pakistan produces work force software technology, creative and multimedia, marketing and sales support and content writing.


Philippines is just behind Pakistan in this list at around 6% of the world’s free lancers. Not exclusively is an oversaturated work advertise driving more individuals to be independent, yet additionally real traffic issues in urban communities where finding good work and descent salaries is quite hectic and disappointing. Outsourcing, then again, enables Filipinos to telecommute with no drive. Quezon City, Manila City, and Cebu City have the most astounding convergence of specialists and—nothing unexpected here—a portion of the most exceedingly awful traffic. Manila has really been positioned as having the most noticeably awful traffic on the planet.

Positioned as a standout among the best English-talking nations in Asia, numerous Filipino consultants spend significant time in substance composing, client administration, and specialized help. With strong English aptitudes, the Filipino market is engaging organizations needing English-talking specialists the world over.

United Kingdom

Another western country on the list is United Kingdom. United Kingdom’s professional assistance online is exemplary. Accounting, legal advice and services, business consultation, is what UK’s freelancers excel at. 22% of the professional services are given by freelancers based in United Kingdom. UK also competes at producing multimedia and creative content.

87 percent university graduates opt for free lancing in UK. According to a survey 22 percent of students say that freelancing is a part of their career in coming five years. The students in UK are so much confident about freelancing that the government is afraid of a possible disturbance in the conventional job system. That is why that have put some taxes on freelancers. It is hoped that the government will make freelancers friendly tax policies in future to boost the freelancing again.


Ukraine is contributing in software development and technology, creative and multimedia and data entry jobs. The reason Ukrainians are shifting to freelancing is the flexible working hours, ability to earn more, ability to work on multiple projects and not being tied up to an office. A recent survey by employment portal Head Hunter Ukraine revealed that 68% of the applicants would opt for a freelancing job and that 16% would take freelancing as their full time job.  As a matter of fact half pollution of Ukraine thinks that it is a part time kind of job to earn some extra bucks. The majority of Ukrainians still prefer a conventional job because of the social aspects of the job, interaction, active learning and other factors.


Canadian freelancers also have top skills in development, writing and translation and creative and multimedia. Canadians also prefer taking freelancing projects as their part-time jobs because of the unpredictability of the nature of this business.  The income tax in Canada is quite high and you have to show your income form freelancing on your income tax sheets. All worldwide income has to be shown. The freelancing business income has to be put on a form called Form T2125 which is a portion of their T1tax return. This helps Canadians claim their business expenses in the income tax.


Freelancing was among a top preference of youth until last three years. The taxes on freelancers was imposed which was under the debate of being equal to income tax on normal jobs. The tax charges on freelancers in Romania differ a lot than any other country. All freelancers are lawfully subjected to a 16% income tax and contributions to social and health institutions. Freelancers in Romania contribute to their pensions. 26.3% of their income has to be paid to get a full pension while paying up to 10.5% can also make your pension with reduced amount. Romanian freelancers can pay their income tax in other forms too. They can pay 5.5% of their income to health budget. They can also contribute to medical allowance, unemployment fund or risk and labor accidents’ fund.


According to a survey 73% more Egyptians are shifting to freelancing jobs. In banking sector the most wanted freelancers are editors and translators. The expenses in Egypt are continuously increasing with salaries barely increasing. In such situation Egyptian youth and workers have a various range of skills are opting for freelancing because only this business can make some savings. Other business requires investments and there is always risk. There is 0 investment and 0 risk in free lancing which is why Egyptians are heavily influenced by freelancing and making a living out of it. With Egypt our list of Top 10 Countries With The Most Freelancers 2020 concludes.

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