10 Fashion Trends of 2020

As the title suggests, we are bringing you the 10 fashion trends of 2020. 2020 is all about experimentation and independence when it comes to fashion. For decades women have been in a constant phase of evolution in style. Our fashion has seen much more ups and downs than men’s fashion industry has ever seen. We have always found a way to look perfect whatever age we are.

Women of 2020 are ready to try on whatever our fashion industry has to offer. There are different looks for different occasions but we bring you the top 10 ways to look like no woman else in the room. These looks we have brought to you are the styles that confident most and stylish most women of 2020 are in to.  These looks will make sure all eyes land on you and nobody can stop complimenting you for your sense of style.

Long dresses

This look is all about modest fashion. This look is not only cool for any girl of any age group but also perfect for Hijabi girls. This one long dress gives you height and elegance. Pair it with heels or white shoes depending on how formal or casual the occasion is.

T-shirts and skirts


2020 is all about Korean plain skirts and printed silk skirts. They give you an effortless classy look no matter what you put on the top. Pairing a shirt with a t-shirt will give you a lethally cool casual or semi-casual look.

Wearing solid colors


Wearing all these prints from the brands become boring at times. Your way out is wearing solid colored suits. It is hard to find suits as all clothing brands launch very limited such clothes and they are always expensive. I prefer buying plain clothe and getting it stitched to refresh my wardrobe.  Solid colors will give you a sorted look instantly and they can be paired with an embroidery dopatta, a pashmina shawl or shrug or any jewelry that would complement the look you want to create.

White dress with a plum lip color


This is the killer sexy yet an innocent look. The white color speaks the language of purity and your lips shouts confidence. All girls have at least one white dress, all you have to do is put that on and rock the look with a deep red, plum, magenta or any dark lipstick shade to lift your outfit.

An all-denim look


White t-shirt, jeans and a denim jacket is all about that suburban casual girl look. Any girl with any body type would look super easily dresses that will impress everyone without putting too much effort. This look is best for on the go outings.

Turban, big ear loops and a skirt


This modest look shouts independence, confidence and style. Women with high dressing etiquette go for the look. This look is hot and modest at the same time. The loops give an instant classy look.

A loose sweatshirt styled with skinny jeans


This look works best for autumns and winters. This look is not expensive and easy to carry. This look can be lifted up with a waist bag, good leather boots and a choker.

Flair jeans with a slim-fit t-shirt/sweatshirt


Remember these jeans from 80s? They are back in business and for the good. These flair jeans give you an alternate to the cigarette pants. Now how do you style the flair jeans? There is this one basic rule, if the top is loose in fitting; you got to pair it with a fitting bottom and vice versa.

Crop tops and bell bottoms


This look is my all-time favorite. This dress gives you a chic look, this babe look is for the lovers of modern looks and women of high confidence. Petite or curvy, this look is guaranteed to make all the eyes land on you.

 Pant suits


This look is boyish or not, women rock it more than men. Slim fitted or loose corporate-ish pant-suit gives you the look of lady of the moment. This look is all about power, confidence and dominance.

These are the 10 fashion trends of 2020 summed up. If you breathe fashion, you should also check our article on Fashion Evolution in Pakistan.