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KRL Hospital being located on G9 Kashmir Highway, Service Road, Islamabad is the best hospital of Islamabad.  KRL Hospital is a tertiary care hospital and is dedicated to provide excellent medical care. Currently the hospital has 350 inpatient beds, equipped with state of the art diagnostic modalities like “64 Slice CT Scan” and excellent CCU/ICU departments. The hospital is recognized for postgraduate teaching by CPSP.

A hospital is known by its facilities and quality which it provides to the patients and KRL Hospital in this regard has the best facilities. Best doctors along with the best crew for the best treatment of the patients. KRL Hospital has facility for Accident and Emergency medical treatment specializing in acute appointments. It also offers the community compassionate attention from its highly trained team of physicians, Nurses, Technicians, and supporting staff. At KRL Hospital there are resources needed to help people through a health care Emergency. KRL Hospital offers 24 hours Emergency, Pharmacy, Radiology and Laboratory services for the residents of Islamabad and surrounding Housing Societies. Consultants of all major specialties are also available along with Modern OT, Labor Room, Laser Dentistry and Executive Private Rooms. Latest equipments include:

KRL Hospital is a state of the art Healthcare facility, motivated by the aspirations to provide the best of healthcare opportunities for you and your family. KRL Hospital has a team of highly committed healthcare experts who have pledged to work day and night to provide the best healthcare services. KRL Hospital provides comprehensive primary care services equipped with the latest instruments including 24 hour services with OPD clinics and laboratory facilities as well, thus serves the patients the best of care and look after with proper management.

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