Faisal Mosque


Faisal Mosque’s Beauty & History

Faisal mosque is the most beautiful mosque in Islamabad which was built in 1976 and the grant was offered by the Saudi King Shah Faisal after which it is named. It is made under the beautiful design of Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. It bears the shape of desert Bedouin’s tent. It is National Mosque of Pakistan which is symbol of hope and aspiration of the nation.

It is present on such a great location in the base of Margalla Hills and it captures the attention of its visitors from far across a long distance because of its beautiful structural outlook and its minarets. It is one of Asia’s largest mosques. It keeps its visitors attracted towards its beauty because of its design which is blend of ultramodern and traditional architectural design.

Mosque welcomes its visitors a small courtyard with a small round water pond with fountains and plaque inside it. On the left hand one can see stairs leading to main courtyard of mosque and the straight takes its visitors to a relatively larger water pond with fountains. On left to this pond is ablution place for worshipers. This second water pond looks very stunning. Stairs goes to main courtyard from all four corners of this pond.

One has to maintain the manners of the mosque while he enters the mosque because it’s a sacred place where Muslims go for worship and prayers. The courtyard presents a prestigious view of the margalla hills to the visitors. On one side of the courtyard there is mausoleum of a former president Gen. Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan.

There are so many places in Islamabad to visit but this is fabulous place to visit, and for anyone who visits Islamabad for the first time this place is best for him to visit.

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