Governing Bodies


Capital Development Authority (CDA) is the Governing Body of Islamabad. As clear by name it is an Authority of the Capital, which plays a vital role for the capital and its development. It is the authority which is all in all responsible for all sort of development of the Capital (Islamabad).


CDA has been an all in all Authority for the Development of the Capital. It was established on 14th June, 1960. Till the establishment of MCI, CDA has been regulating with the CDA Ordinance issued on 27th June, 1960. There has always been a Chairman of CDA elected every time for a certain period to take care of its governance.

Area Allocated:


CDA has been divided into various sectors. All the Capital, out of which majority of the sectors are under governance of CDA. Though remaining is governed by the Police Foundation.  G-12 is a disputed sector among all.

Bahria Town:

Bahria town has its own authority managing the cleanliness, sanitation and development of the society. They possess their own security system for discipline of the housing society.


Same like Bahria town, DHA has its own authority managing the cleanliness, hygiene and development of the social order. They hold their own safety measure system for regulation of the housing civilization.


Powers and Responsibilities:

  • CDA is responsible for roads construction, whether for an improvement of transportation making roads or maintaining them. This also covers the construction of underpass, flyover and other transportation improvement initiatives. Construction does not allow CDA to feel relieved at this point, in fact their maintenance is also done by CDA.
  • Sanitary system and cleanliness is another responsibility managed and maintained by CDA. Along that horticulture is another duty paid by CDA to make the Capital look as beautiful as ever with its trademark of greenery and plantation.
  • CDA is responsible for constructing Parks and Public grounds for the general public for their leisure activities. Not just that, its horticulture and maintenance is also responsibility of CDA.
  • Water supply of the Capital is the most important role along with other duties paid by CDA. CDA is responsible to supply water throughout the Capital to every part of it.
  • CDA has the authority to pass the maps designed for any sort of commercial or personal property.
  • CDA has the authority to approve the process of selling and purchasing the land and property within the Capital.
  • CDA is also responsible for Public Safety Standards of the Capital.

Current State:

First time in the history of Islamabad, Islamabad has become a Metropolitan Corporation in 2016. It is abbreviated as MCI (Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad). MCI has taken over almost all responsibilities of CDA except for few matters. Such as management of estate, sector developments and project execution.

Two MNA’s have been designated in Islamabad currently. Mr. Asad Omer from NA 48, and Dr. Tariq Fazal from NA 49.

MCI Functioning:

MCI is the Municipal Authority governing Islamabad at the moment. Mayor of Islamabad Mr. Sheikh Ansar Aziz elected, is heading MCI and is also acting as the chairman of CDA. MCI has been divided into fifty Union Councils, which are further headed by individual chairmen for each UC.

MCI has 11000 employees at the moment, which have been shifted in a result of taking over CDA for majority of its roles.

MCI will is performing following functions:

  • Urban Planning
  • Road Maintenance
  • Sanitation
  • Water Supply
  • Building Control
  • Environment Control
  • Others


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