There are many healthcare centers and hospitals in Islamabad. We can classify them in following categories:

Government Hospital:

Government Hospitals provide free treatment for the general public, are available with following names in Islamabad.

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)

Poly Clinic Hospital

National Institute of Health (NIH)

National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (NIRM)

Semi Government:

Hospitals which are dedicated to provide free services to their department concerned yet also provide service to the general public while charging for their services are known as semi-government hospitals. Following is the list.

PNS Hafeez Navel Hospital

CDA Hospital

NORI Hospital (Nuclear Medicine Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute)

Federal Government Hospital

NESCOM Hospital

KRL Hospital


Private Hospitals:

Hospitals which are not free to any people from any group are known as private hospitals. Following is the list of private hospitals found in Islamabad.

Shifa International

Quad-E-Azam Hospital

Kulsoom International

Bee well hospital

Ali Hospital

Ali Medical Center


Clinics are places where you can find more than one specialist under the same roof, yet their services are not as vast as a full time hospital.

Ali Medical Center


Individual Doctor or a group of specialists sitting in a small set up are also available for healthcare services.

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