There are many transportation modes in Islamabad according to the convenience and affordability of the people. Following are the modes of transportation used in Islamabad:

By Air

International as well as national flights are entertained in the airport.

Benazir Bhutto International Airport

Islamabad Airport (Under construction)

Personal Car

Individuals or families owning their own cars are lucky enough to travel in Islamabad without the hassle of hiring a cab or using public transport.


Local cabs are yet another facility for those who want to hire a personal conveyance to reach at a certain place without any inconvenience.

Cab service

Cab service has been introduced few years back, though it is very popular for its convenient hiring, quality ride, affordable rates, and professional attitude of the drivers as well as secure.

Few are examples of radio cabs:


Islamabad Radio Cab etc

Local Van

There are many local vans which are following a specific route to travel intercity (may include Rawalpindi routes too).

While there is also local van/bus service which provides traveling to different cities of Pakistan from Islamabad.


Islamabad has a railway station in H-9 sector, which has only two point of traveling. One is a train functioning twice a day from Islamabad to Rawalpindi, and once a day a train from Islamabad to Lahore.


Metro bus service is a great initiative taken in twin cities after Lahore. Metro is a luxury local travelling facility available to the public with a main route from Rawalpindi to Islamabad. It is very convenient and affordable for all sorts of classes. It allows employees as well as students to travel conveniently on daily basis.

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