Weather of Islamabad

Weather of Islamabad is a perfect blend of temperatures in addition to all four seasons. Islamabad is Pakistan’s ultimate city in terms of stability of its temperatures. People living in Islamabad get to enjoy all four seasons at their best.

Winter takes place in Islamabad from December to February. Spring comes over March to May, summer from June to August while Fall from September to November. It gets two seasons of absolute rain; Moon Soon takes place in the month of July or August. In addition winter rain is anticipated in the month of January.

The highest temperature recorded in Islamabad was 46.5C (115.7 F), while the minimum temperature recorded was -4C (24.8.F)

There has been a history of snowfall in Islamabad in past. That has been shortly experienced in February 2016, snowfall over the Margalla Hills after 10 years. Although snow fall was for a very short time probably few hours, which was experienced for just one day over the hills. But People in Islamabad enjoyed that mesmerizing moment.

Due to some international weather conditions Islamabad has also been facing sand storms since 2015, though the storms recorded in 2016 have been the most vigilant ones.

Fog is also faced by people living in Islamabad for three months, December, January and February. Very thick fog has been recorded mostly in early morning hours during winter season.

Islamabad looks very appealing and at its best after a rain regardless of whatever the season is.

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