Where to eat

Diversity of Food

Islamabad is believed to be a bliss and peaceful place, but with that attribute it also has a vast mixture of all food types to offer the people of all tastes. You can find many prominent international food chains in Islamabad.

Hill Top

There is a huge range of places and as well as restaurants depending on what type of taste and atmosphere one would love to have during meal. If your mood is to take pleasure on top hill view in the open air of Islamabad with your loved ones, Pir Sohawa is the best place in Islamabad as it has a selection of restaurants on the hill.

If you are looking forward to a cozy long drive with your loved ones, and then enjoy top hill meal, Highland is the most preferred one. Highland is very famous for its heights and beauty it portrays to the visitors.

Malls and Food Courts

If you wish a meal during shopping, Centaurus Mall, Safa Mall and World Trade Center in Bahria Town are the most exceptional options. Additionally if you are looking for a little street food adventure, Jinnah Super, Super Market and Food Street are a must try.

Classy Meals

For elegant and sophisticated meals or perhaps official meals International food chains as well as five star hotels have the best of food and atmosphere. They comprise Continental, Chinese as well as Pakistani food varieties. Wang-Fu, Virsa Heng-Chang, Kim Mun, and China Town are top most desired Chinese restaurants for a good experience, ambiance and taste.

Five Stars

Five Star Hotels such as Crown Hotel, Serena Hotel and Marriot are most highly charging places for a dine in. Even than people love to experience their ambiance, lavishness, coziness, and taste. Mostly these places are visited by foreign delegations, official groups, and families for events like marriage ceremony etc.


There is also a concept of Buffet, so people with a versatile appetite enjoy these the most. However people having selective tastes may rather order their food.

Home Delivery

In this fast pace world we are every so often busy enough or lethargic enough to leave home for a dine in, as a result Islamabad includes a gigantic selection for home delivery services. Many entrepreneurs’ are running their food business from home and offering home delivery services. These foods are very reasonably priced, yet very elevated in taste and excellence. Foodpanda and Eatoye are the online applications/websites used for a huge list of restaurants and foods that one can order and enjoy at home or office

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