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Islamabad is one of the most diverse cities when it comes to accommodation. It is a city where we have all range of class be it students, families, businessmen or workers/employees. There are many forms of accommodation that can be found in Islamabad according to space, location, affordability and capacity. Accommodation can be categorized into many types depending the on the needs of people. Such as rented houses, own houses, flats rented or own, hostels, hotels, five star hotels and shared apartments etc.

Accommodation for Students

Ever since there are lots of well-known Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutes which create a center of attention for students from all over the Country for educational purpose and allow them accommodation in the form of hostels and flats. Actually few big Universities have their own adapted hostels within the University.

Accommodation for Employees

Besides there is an enormous crowd of job class/workers (employees) working in various offices and belong to different cities of Pakistan, they desire flat, hire a house or even hostel s for accommodation. There are many prospects in form of house, flats and hostels for employees belonging from far flung areas living in Islamabad for employment intention.

Accommodation for Families

There are many families living permanently in Islamabad in rented or owned houses. Though Islamabad is considered one of the most posh cities of Pakistan, people love to live in Islamabad due to its beauty, discipline, nature, coziness and peace. So if you wish to live in a place where you want to enjoy the beauty of Margalla Hills, it is the best place to live. Apart from houses flats are also a very good option for those who like to live in a building being shared with many people. It feels secure and surrounded by people.

Luxurious Accommodation

There are many flats in Islamabad either on rent or purchased personally. Another catch for those who love Margalla Hills and to see the beauty of Islamabad from the top is flats of Centaurus Building. Above the Mall the building standing into three parts is consisted of numerous lavish latest designed apartments. Out of which some are facing the Islamabad Highway, while others facing the Margalla Hills. The rates are charged higher for the ones opposite Margalla Hills, because those are the ones demanded the most.

Accommodation for Business Class and Delegation

Last of all the business class is more often attracted to Islamabad. Whenever it comes to official meetings, business meetings Islamabad is the tranquil place to visit for such events. There are many five star and other high-class hotels which allow the finest accommodation in Islamabad. Tourists from within and outside the country (foreign delegation) visiting Islamabad prefer to stay in these hotels. These are listed in the five star categories, Crown Hotel, Serena Hotel and Marriot Hotel etc.

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